The Association for Supporting the SDGs for the UN (ASD)

The Association for Supporting the SDGs for the UN (ASD), established in 2011, is an international nongovernmental organization that is in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC).

For peace in humanity and for preserving the planet, the association promotes the ‘UN SDGs’ (agreed upon by 193 nations worldwide) and ESG (a major responsibility of corporate management) by advising enterprises, national assemblies, and government organizations through international standards of global sustainable management, eco-friendly agendas, and ESG finance. 

The Association is the only UN Consultative status that has been officially accredited by the United Nations to use the names “UN and the SDGs” and that spreads SDGs and ESG widely throughout the world.


ASD is the first organization in Korea that has been designated as the Observer to the ICMA’s Green and Social Bond Principles organization. ICMA’s ESG Bond Principles must be followed in order for an entity to issue ESG bonds, and the association evaluates the sustainability and SDGs mapping of bonds issued under these principles. Along with this, ASD has formed an Asian plastics project working group with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board(SASB) – an international ESG sustainability accounting standards development organization – performing R&D for ESG environmental standards in the Asia Pacific region.

Currently, more than 20 ESG-SDGs projects are jointly planned by 50 global companies, and are professionally consulted (financial, environmental, population development, climate response, global warming, women, children, carbon and plastic reduction, urban housing, fashion, livestock industry, water, small-loan finance, infectious disease-disinfection, transportation, energy, law, migration, etc.).

In particular, ASD analyzes the sustainable management models of major domestic and foreign companies, submits and accepts the UN written statement, and makes them global sustainable leading models.

The certification and index contents awarded by the association are displayed in major corporate reports and products, symbolizing global sustainability and eco-friendliness, and are highly trusted by consumers. Moreover, the association takes part in the UN General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council committees, including the UN High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF), and establishes an SDGs implementation network with the UN high-level and global leaders.

ASD provides ESG index, certifications, and guidelines for global companies through the Sustainable Development Goals Business Index (SDGBI) – a global public confidence index – and Guidelines for Reducing Plastic Waste & Sustainable Ocean and Climate Action Acceleration (GRP)- an eco-friendly certification of best practices to provide global strategies in the fields of eco-management, sustainable business, social responsibility, and ESG.

During the 2019 HLPF, the association announced the Global Sustainable Leaders / Brand 100 (the most sustainable leaders and brands around the world) and has since reported on the enterprises, brands, and global leaders with excellent sustainable practices.


Official letter from the Deputy Secretary-General to encourage the association’s activities