ESE (Economic Sustainability for Everyone) stands at the represent the ‘Next ESG Agenda’.
This global agenda is strategically created to preemptively address the potential encumbrance of excessive ESG regulations and environmental policies on corporate economic sustainability. ESE ardently champions a well-calibrated equilibrium, ensuring the simultaneous advancement of corporate growth, responsible consumer choices, environmental considerations, and the dynamics of capital markets. This approach facilitates a prompt, discerning, and balanced trajectory of sustainable development

The Association for Supporting the SDGs for the UN (ASD) serves as a preeminent global group, spearheading Economic Sustainability for Everyone (ESE) in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European sustainability policies. We extend an invitation for your esteemed company and its valued customers, to embrace and augment its commitment to sustainability through the adoption of ESE certification.


ESE Certification
Economic Sustainability for Everyone

1. This company’s products offer a compelling synergy of affordability and superior performance.
2. This company’s products are engineered for enduring utility by emphasizing both environmental mindfulness and economic practice
3. The company’s products support the European sustainable policies.
4. The company’s products actively contribute to the goals of UN SDGs.


Economic Sustainability Example