□ Cooperative Climate campaigns on EU (European Union) carbon policies

◆ We Support and collaborate on the Green Deal policies of the EU (European Union), the leading ESG policy organization.

EU Green Deal key policies (Increasing the ambition of EU emissions trading / Aviation and the EU ETS / Social Climate Fund / Increasing the ambition of the EU’s Effort Sharing Regulation / Land Use, Forestry and Agriculture / CO₂ emission performance standards for cars and vans)


□ Consulting on global eco-friendly certification climate response and carbon reduction

◆ Conducts consulting on global carbon reduction for green energy transition and resource circulation·circular economy

◆ Conducts specialized research on the social and economic crisis, polarization, and credit recovery in the process of green energy transition

Recommendation on Global ESG finance

◆ ESG-SRC (Statement list of Recommendation ESG Global Corporate Excellence through SDGs)

(Global Recommendation Statement List for Excellent Companies in ESG Implementation)


□ Blue Olive supports the EU and the UN Climate Change Convention

◆ In addition ASD works as an official partner of the world’s first Climate Change Convention Supporting Premium brand, Blue Olive.