BKT – UN 2023 Water Conference, Water Action Agenda

Innovative global initiatives and commitments are encouraged and urged by the UN. Alongside technological advances, devotional promises are the key to making a better world.

There are many companies in South Korea that actively participate in UN activities.

BKT’s commitment to water, the most essential resource for humanity, is attracting attention in particular.

At the UN 2023 Water Conference, held from 22-24 March, the Water Action Agenda (WAA) of BKT, a South Korean water solution provider, was registered and introduced as an Action Commitment. Among South Korean water solution providers, this is the only commitment to be registered.

▶ BKT Founder and Owner Dongwoo Kim was the only individual awarded at the South Korean Government’s World Water Day ceremony in 2023.

▶ Find out more about BKT’s amazing global initiative, the ‘Clean Water for All Project by BKT’.

BKT Website

[UN 2023 Water Conference]

Organizer: The General Assembly of the United Nations

Co-hosts: UN-Water, the Governments of Tajikistan and the Netherlands